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Friday, September 20, 2013

Integrating ALM: Lessons Learned Deploying Tasktop at Nokia | Dr Dobb's

Integrating ALM: Lessons Learned Deploying Tasktop at Nokia | Dr Dobb's: "This is one of those situations where an incremental approach with early user engagement -- where you have a chance to adapt installation or orientation materials -- pays off. If you pay close attention to the sorts of things that cause people grief during development, you can deal with them by creating either a development story (which changes the UI in some way) or a training story (for which you develop or enhance your training materials)."

"The moral here is to consider carefully every case of new user confusion, as it may be a warning of things to come."

"Software that supports complex tasks will probably require an investment in time for users to become adept. A well thought out UI and training material will allow users to perform basic tasks quickly and gain immediate benefit from their first steps onto the learning curve."

"Make any training screencasts short -- even if they're well structured, their perceived size can be off-putting (the user sees a 40-minute price tag on the screen and decides to set aside their learning for another day that never comes)."

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