My thoughts as an enterprise Java developer.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why I like my job

Here are a few reasons (off of the top of my head) why I like my job:
  • Telecommuting one day per week (I wish I could do that more.)
  • Being a "guru" on a product.
  • Good team that is smart and willing to do any task to help.
  • Good compensation
  • 5 weeks of vacation
  • Minimal office politics
  • The company is profitable and growing quickly
  • The company is the biggest company in our area (or so they tell us :-) ).
  • We use a language that I like (Java if you couldn't guess :-) )
  • We use 3rd party libraries where appropriate.
  • Few meetings and very few useless meetings
  • We attempt to use best practices and improve things as much as possible while still balancing business needs (like creating new features for users).
For reference my title is Sr. Software Engineer and the products on which I work are web-based using J2EE.

My employer: "SPS Commerce is the leader in hosted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software. We offer a rapid, turn-key service to connect suppliers with their retail and distributor customers using tested and proven EDI connections and integration services."

I like my job so well that pretty much the only reason that I would be willing to switch would be if I could telecommute more and still have most of the things above.

What do you like about your job and what would it take for you to move to another job? The harder it be for another company to lure you the better you probably like your job!