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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Database Changes Done Right - The Daily WTF

Database Changes Done Right - The Daily WTF: "Unlike application code, you can’t exactly drop a bunch of files in a folder and proclaim that a new version has been successfully deployed. You also can’t just put back an older set of files to rollback your changes.

The only way to change a database is by running a SQL script against that database, and once you’ve done that, there’s no going back. You can run another SQL script to change the database again, but the only way to truly rollback changes is by restoring the entire database from back-up."

"Database versioning is as simple as maintaining a metadata table with two columns: Unique ID and Execution Date. Before executing a change script, simply check the table to see if the script has been executed already and, if not, run it and stored the script’s unique ID and date."

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