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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google Public Policy Blog: Vint Cerf on the importance of keeping the Internet open

Google Public Policy Blog: Vint Cerf on the importance of keeping the Internet open: "Earlier this week, Vint Cerf, one of the original architects of the Internet and our Chief Internet Evangelist, joined other pioneers in a letter to the FCC expressing support for the Commission's consideration of safeguards that would preserve the open Internet."

Government regulation will mean that it isn't open! Once the government takes control it will only increase its control and the regulation will limit good experimentation.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[JavaSpecialists 177] - Logging Part 3 of 3

[JavaSpecialists 177] - Logging Part 3 of 3: "For example, here is a Layout for Log4J that can be used to collapse lines with '|>>' instead of a newline character. For readability, it is trivial to then replace those characters with \n again."

import org.apache.log4j.*; import org.apache.log4j.spi.*;  import*;  public class MultipleLineLayout extends Layout {   public String format(LoggingEvent event) {     Object o = event.getMessage();     if (o instanceof Throwable) {       return format((Throwable) o);     }     return format(String.valueOf(event.getMessage()));   }    private String format(Throwable t) {     StringWriter out = new StringWriter();     PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(out);     t.printStackTrace(pw);     pw.close();     return format(out.toString());   }    private String format(String s) {     return s.         replaceAll("\r", ""). // remove Windows carriage returns         replaceAll("\n*$", ""). // remove trailing newline chars         replaceAll("\n", " |>> ") // replace newline with |>>         + "\n";   }    public boolean ignoresThrowable() {     return false;   }    public void activateOptions() {     // not necessary   } }