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Monday, November 26, 2007

IntelliJ default class javadoc comment

Why does the default IntelliJ default class javadoc comment use non-standard syntax? Instead of creating a line with "User: jstauffer" it could create a line with "@author jstauffer". The other lines that it creates (Date and Time) probably don't have javadoc syntax to use but why not use the javadoc syntax when available?

For reference here is an example:
* Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
* User: jstauffer
* Date: Nov 13, 2007
* Time: 11:15:10 AM
* To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.

Naming abstract classes

Normally I see abstract classes named as AbstractClass. But when there are many abstract classes that leads to needing to type at least AbstractC when using code completion. Therefore I suggest that abstract classes be named ClassAbstract so that code completion is more usable. "Abstract" is a modifier on the class name anyway and it doesn't need to be in the primary position. What do you think?

I know this isn't a huge deal -- I am just suggesting it as a minor improvement.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Defaults have consequences: Microsoft Word margins

How much paper would be saved each year it Microsoft changed the default margins in Word to 1" on each side (or even 1/2")?