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Monday, December 17, 2007


I telecommute one day per week and used to telecommute 2 days per week. I would like to telecommute more but my employer isn't very open to doing that (except short-term for a specific project). I don't know of any Java enterprise developers that do major telcommuting (4 days per week or more). I have also not seen very many telecommuting jobs for enterprise Java developers. Why don't more exist?

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Subversion: Moving tags

I wish Subversion had a better way of moving tags. The only way that I know to move a tag is to remove the file from the tag and then copy it again. Revision tree browsers don't seem to handle that very well. This also requires keeping the directory structure under the trunk and tag in sync.

Use case: We have thousands of "maps" and we want to tag which version of each map is the "production" version. We need to be able to easily get the production version of all maps.

Can anyone suggest a better way to address our use case?
I have considered properties also but then we can't get the prod version of all files easily. Merging to the tag doesn't appear to be very easy either.