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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Zooming to better use desktop space

On a real-life desktop I will often move toward an object to work with it. i.e. When I want to work with the calendar I will move closer to it. That allows better use of my desktop because some objects are "zoomed out" and therefore take less space (in my field of view).

Has anyone ever tried to incorporate a similar idea into a GUI. Icons, minimize/maximize, and resizing are somewhat like that but not quite enough. It would be nice to resize something to a "zoomed out size". i.e. I could set a size for my email program when it isn't in use and it would be shrunk to fit in that space when desired.


Kenny Lyons said...

Would the multiple desktops like KDE and Gnome have be anything like what you're thinking? If so, i did a quick google and there is a program for having virtual desktops on Windows machines. virtuawin

I don't know how good it is as I've never used it, but I use the one in KDE a LOT when in Linux, Dragging clutter off my current desktop and placing it on a free desktop, and having each desktop with a different category of programs on it... it's nice :)

James A. N. Stauffer said...

Well virtual desktops are somewhat similar in that they also help you to better utilize your space. I have used them for long periods of time and they still come up short. I stopped using them when I went to dual monitors.