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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What kind of programming work do you like best?

When interviewing candidates I would ask them the following question:
What kind of programming work do you like best?

They always (3-4 interviews) gave then same answer: Creating new software.
Since that isn't the answer that I would give I asked my co-workers and between 4 of us we had 3 different answers:
  1. Creating something new
  2. Debugging problems.
  3. Improving (adding features, improving performance, etc).
Would you give one of those answers? Do you have a different answer?

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Kenny Lyons said...

I like figuring out how to do things, especially if they are things I've viewed as complex. The research side is a lot of fun for me actually, reading about how things should work , and understanding why they don't in some cases. It's really satisfying to understand how and why something works enough to be able to build it, or find a bug. I guess that applies to all 3 of your coworkers answers in one way or another, so maybe my answer is a bit too broad.