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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly, Experts Say | Fox News

Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly, Experts Say | Fox News: "Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods — even if you also exercise regularly — could be bad for your health. And it doesn't matter where the sitting takes place — at the office, at school, in the car or before a computer or TV — just the overall number of hours it occurs."

" "After four hours of sitting, the body starts to send harmful signals," Ekblom-Bak said. She explained that genes regulating the amount of glucose and fat in the body start to shut down."

One idea that comes to my mind is to setup a standing height desk. The computer would be setup with remote desktop so that employees using it could connect back to their workstation and do work as if they were at their desk.  That cube could then be reserved like a conference room so that employees could use it for a few short periods during the day.  Optionally, the cube could have a tread mill right in front of the computer so that employees could also walk while working.

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