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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Website idea

If you make your fortune with this idea, send me a few bucks.
Make a website where the user can keep a list of things that they need/want to buy.
Allow easy management of that list (through web, WAP, SMS, etc).

Work with stores so they the user can get a list of all of the items in the list that the given store has. The store could even allow printing the list from a kiosk in the store (registry computers) and would include the location, price, etc. The stores would benefit because people would probably buy more if they remembered what they wanted to buy and they would buy items that they didn't know the given store had. You could then charge the store a small fee so that you wouldn't need ads on the website or user fees.

For stores that don't support that use GPS to determine the store and try to send a list of items that the store has (scrape website?).

Does a website like this exist?

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